Make the choice of the planet!

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We have to take action!

For twenty years, scientists have informed us and get us used to these realities:

  • Atmospheric pollution, waters, soils ...
  • Global warming…
  • Natural disasters...

And try to make us change habits for:

  • The protection of the environment…
  • The recycling
  • Sustainable energy,
  • Respect for nature ...

This reality is not just a trend, but really requires a rapid change in our lifestyle and consumption habits.

Do you think you can not do anything on your scale?


You can tell plastic stop and take action about you!

How to do concretely?

Our consumption choices, even at a single individual level, greatly influence our environment.

If we stop believing that our individual action is not significant at the global scale, so things would really start changing!

Make the choice to consume ... Responsible

Yes, every day you buy lots of things.

Food, everyday objects.

There is a multitude of options.

You have the choice.

You choose according to your values, your convictions.

Your budget.

But do you make your selections thinking about the land that is severely impacted?

You know, your choices are counting.

It's our health at all who is in danger.

A responsible choice!

We decided to make choices. For us, for you.

With a permanent concern: the protection of nature.


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