The "North Pacific Waste Vortex"

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A new study has just demonstrated that this floating discharge is 4 to 16 times more extensive than previously estimated.

A mass in permanent growth

A New study published in the Journal Scientific Reports Just show that the area would extend over 1.6 million km², three times the size of mainland France. This surface is 4 to 16 times higher than the estimates of the previous studies. This disparity of the results is mainly due to the difference of the angles of analysis: the first reports focused on the micro plastics while the team of Laurent LeBreton, the main author of the study, took into account all types of Waste present in the mass. National Geographic*

Image: Pacific Convergence Area


The center of the GrandvortexNorth Pacific This is a relatively quiet area of ​​the Pacific Ocean, towards which the rotational movement of the vortex brings floating waste. This waste accumulates in Benches. Until recently, these debris of organic nature suffered a biodegradation. Human activities now lead to non-biodegradable debris, such as polymers and boat debris. Plastic materials are degraded in smaller pieces and particles, but these are only very slowly metabolized by living beings. The photodegradation of plastics leads to the production of polluting waste, harmful to the marine environment .. | Wikipedia *


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