About Us

Who hides behind the trunk to wonders?

The little fairy that tries to find full of pretty treasures, it is Chloé (aka bell for the intimate), 27 years old, mother of a small princess since December. I've been married to Quentin since the summer of 2019 and he has my heart since 2010. Our first baby is Jazzy, our little Jack Russell, who is totally part of the family.

For some time we have been paying attention to what we consume and had already started to think about the world we wanted to leave our children. We were both on the same wavelength with my husband. We love nature, the outdoors and our children we wanted things respectful of the environment, and healthy for them.

Very quickly arrested during my pregnancy, I spent a crazy time looking for small nuggets for our princess. Products, toys or decorations that were not found everywhere; Natural, neutral things and the motto we had: zero plastic.

The world of children has always attracted me. The desire for reconversion, the soul of entrepreneur and the support of my husband then pushed me to create My e-Concept Store on the world of children.


Why the trunk to wonders?

Arrival at the time of choosing an identity for my online store ... what name give him?

It was obvious that I wanted a name that matches me. Great fan of cartoonsI kept my child's soul (you know the girl who is 5 years old when she arrives in the famous big park of a small mouse?). My nickname: bell, like bell fairy. Of needle thread we arrived in the wonderful world, this world that makes young people dream and travel the big. The magic that can be read in the eyes of the children in front of small things that for us, adults, can seem banal.

What was my desire when people come to my site? They escape, that they find their child's soul, magic in the eyes, eyes full of stars, imagining their treasures playing with our finds. And who did not have this look in search of the toy by driving in a toy box?

And that's how was bornThe trunk in wonders »